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Free Your Pod and Your RSS Will Follow

Went to a small but cosy meeting of an (possibly "the") La Podcasters Group. Tim of The Hollywood Podcast was there as was Lance of Verge of the Fringe.

I came away from the meeting with lots of new ideas, and rather convinced that I'd been far too square in the podcasts I've put up so far. Not that there's anything wrong with a podcast sounding like a regular radio show but I'm keen to try out new ways of making radio - not to produce network radio lite. So my new motto - Free your pod and your rss will follow.

On that note - I should say I'm starting to compile production notes about making podcasts. I'm no expert but I hope that some people will find my thoughts useful

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The Red to Victory

RedcoatNew research by scientists at Durham University in the United Kingdom suggests that there is a small but quantifiable advantage to wearing red when playing sport. The finding can, the researchers think, be extended to other competitive situations. None of which explains why our brave Red Coats lost to the revolutionary rabble mustered by this former colony...but there you go. Still it does confirm my own view that if England ever want to win a Soccer World Cup they should revert to the cool red strip they wore so successfully in 1966.

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Iran Update

The Adventures of Mr Behi is an excellent blog from Iran. As mentioned in the earlier podcast there will be presidential elections in Iran in June and a blogger was one of the main reformist candidates, however, the Guardians Council is blocking his participation. There's some hope he may be reinstated - as ever Mr Behi has plenty of interesting things to say about this developing situation.

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Radio Days in Chi-Town

WGNRADIO LINK I was lucky enough to begin my radio career at WGN Radio, one of the oldest and still one of the best commercial news and talk stations in America. The station is home to Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg - Milt's radio career spans three decades and it's a testament to his talent that in these fast-paced times, he can still top the ratings with 2 hours of smart conversation. There's now an extensive archive of his broadcasts on the internet, a pleasant afternoon can be spent listening to those on real player. His views are often controversial - and he's spanned the political spectrum during his broadcasting career- but whether you agree with his politics or not he's been a consistent champion of thoughtful discussion and intelligent inquiry on the radio..long may it continue. This podcast references Milt's experiences interviewing Billy Carter (Jimmy Carter's brother) - you can listen to a clip of the show  here The full 1970's archive is here

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The Hollywood Podcaster

It's is good to catch up with a fellow podcaster once in a while  - the Hollywood Podcast produced by actor Tim Coyne is an excellent podcast - I encourage you to subscribe and vote for it at Podcast Alley - I can't believe that at time of writing he only has 1 vote. He does everything a podcaster should in my view - and clearly has a great "ear" for a good subject.  His casts are long - but why not - unlike the regular radio there really isn't any need to stick to time - news and travel won't turn up "on the sevens". This podcast includes an interview with Tim Coyne and a little snippet of his latest cast that gives you a real taste of the great human stories he covers.


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A Hard but Rewarding Listen

Monday night's "blog" show on Five Live took as it's theme those who blog in adversity. We took reports from behind the so-called Great Firewall, from on the ground in Uzbekistan, and tried as best we could to find out what was happening in North Korea. We also connected with Iran - a difficult place for bloggers. Unfortunately the interview I recorded with a very courageous Iranian blogger wasn't sufficiently clear to play more than a few minutes on-air. Still it is an interesting conversation with a brave and intelligent man and rewards careful listening. This isn't on the regular feed - it's here as a reference for all those interested. Please listen to it - he is a charming  interviewee who is a great advocate for his country.


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Instant Films

This weekend I recorded a few interviews and drank a few beers.... But some people actually made entire movies. That's what the folks at Instant Films do - write, shoot, and screen films in 48 hours and they even blog about it.

I went along to the final screening, and was greatly impressed by the quality of the films, a much more enjoyable experience than the trip to see Hitchhikers Guide the night before (after which my better half told me I was just like Arthur Dent).

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Shedding Light

ShedFor those of you interested in learning more about the inner workings of the English mind this article tells you everything you really need to know. It reminds me that one of my dads many sheds - indeed we were so fortunate - was destroyed in the only "hurricane" ever to hit England in living memory.

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BC Blogs Break Ballot Rules

Our Canadian sources have discovered that blogs  are falling foul of the rules on partisan advertising in British Columbia according to this report

Seems a little O.T.T. and highlights, it seems to me, the futility of trying to limit free speech in an increasingly accessible media world.

Still it reminds me of the several weeks of "Judge Talk" WGN's Sports Central had to host back in 2000 after they inadvertently interviewed a judicial candidate and football (US) coach during an election race. It actually made for some really good radio - Kap 'n Waddle are wasted on sports - give 'em a daily politics show I say.

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Wahey the Pods

The World (PRI WGBH, BBC co production) ran a very nice segment on podcasting with a focus on an excellent sounding podcast looking at new Scots music.   Be interesting to see how the self-described "occasional feature" evolves given that PRI are also behind Christopher Lydon's very promising  Open Source project.

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