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Finally Over

So the verdict came in, and we were all caught by surprise as the press pool early warning system at the court was neatly circumvented by a good old-fashioned scoop from Fox News. And now a chance to reflect, sitting on the balcony of  a Best Westin in Pismo, watching pelicans dive into sparkling water.

I rather fancy crashing into cold water myself, a way to get rid of this grubby feeling covering the trial has left me with. After the deluge of 36 hours near continuous news all I want to do is sleep. This trial been a pageant of human weakness and I'm glad that it's over.

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View from the Press Pen

PresspensmallOverdue greetings from the press pen in Santa Maria - in the image I'm the one in the bottom right who looks like he has toothache.

It's Sunday and I spent the day outside Neverland ranch. It was my first journey to the gates of Jackson's home; before then I don't think the "ranch" part of this famous address had registered. But ranch it is, set in some stunning countryside. En route to the ranch, Figuero Mountain road takes you through gentle hills studded with trees and covered in long grass the wind stirs into silver shoals. There are farms with bright coloured barns, cattle in the fields and magnificent horses browsing the rich pasture.

In the midst of this idyll Jackson has established Neverland, in a place that to any city dweller is already a passage in a rural dream. This is Jackson's double fence if you like, an ideal world within an ideal world. It mirrors the trial too, where the court exists as a world apart, ringed first by the gathered media, and then by the fans.

For my own part I can't imagine wanting to build anything that distracted from the natural beauty of the Los Olivos region. To build a zoo or a fairground in such a place is like constructing a water slide at Niagara.

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In Santa Maria

There will be a brief pause in pod production I'm afraid as I join the ranks of media hanging around the courthouse in Santa Maria. But I'll take this opportunity to say that it would be really nice to hear from listeners. This isn't meant to be a one-way conduit of information - so please do get in touch.

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