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Tube Challenge Podcast

Tc_logo_smallIn a venture reminiscent of the Werenotafraid.com campaign Tube Challenge is trying to raise money for the victims of the on the  London Underground

It's all the brain child of Geoff Marshall who holds the world record for traveling the entire system (currently 274 stations open and over 253 miles (408 km) of active lines) in a day. At an undisclosed date Geoff and a large group of volunteers will make a sponsored trip around the entire system. As well as raising money for the London Bombings Relief Fund organizers hope to send a clear message that Londoners are "not afraid"

The tube means a lot to us. We travel on it a lot. Sometimes we travel round the whole system just for the fun it. The 'tube challenge' community is as f****d off about this as the rest of the world, and we would like to say : "We Are Not Afraid", as well.

In this I speak to Geoff Marshall via Skype about


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Scotty Beams Up..

ScottieScotty has made his final Trek to,"The undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveler returns." Actor who played the Star-ship Enterprise's indefatigable engineer "Scotty" in the original series passed away after a long battle with illness. Somehow Scotty could always get a 12 hour job done in three, and his predictions of doom and disaster as the captain pushed the dial up to 11 were an essential part of the fun of the show. As an actor Doohan embraced the dour celtic stereotype with such obvious affection it's hard to imagine even the most die-hard nationalist objecting. It's perhaps fitting that an actor who did so much to inspire interest in space should have passed away on the anniversary of man's first landing on the moon Link goes to the excellent (I think Doohan would have appreciated this joke)

Wil Wheaton who starred in Star Trek the Next Generation knew him well from numerous Star Trek conventions. In this podcast he shares his memories of the man

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The Obligatory Harry Pottercast

Potter_1All the Potter, all the time! We get reaction to the new novel from Pakistan. And an in depth analysis from a leading Hogwarts expert (11 OWLS, 3 NEWTS, honorary member of SPEW). Warning this podcast contains - don't listen if you don't want to know how the book ends.
P.S. The Guardian has a nifty competition asking readers to rewrite the ending of the book in the style of another author. My favourite has to be Flipper "li li li"

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Crivens...I've been archived

I thought this had vanished into the ether the way regular radio interviews do. But the introduction to I took part in on the Simon Mayo show is still up on the BBC's archive. It may be useful if this whole podcasting thing is confusing you. Listen to it here

Also worth noting that my meagre contribution was easily eclipsed by Neil Dixon of Britcaster; a site that has been championing Limey's who wish to get lemony long before it was fashionable to do so.

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Gizmo vs Skype

Avatar_gizmoOver at our production notes section we have a discussion and round-up of the merits of Skype vs the new voice over internet phone system Gizmo. As you know Skype is great for podcasters allowing high quality voice conversations with far flung places like (as in these posts) London,India and Iran . has some nice reatures, in particular one-touch recording will appeal to many podcasters.

There are some suggestions that call quality is better. I've not tested it enough to know - and with few users at the moment I think it's too early to tell - but if you've installed it and want to help out with a few test calls we can throw up as a podcast get in touch. For more read the full post..

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India's battle with AIDS/HIV

Murgesh_voicesSandeep Junnarkar and photographer Srinivas Kuruganti are working on a grass roots project to document the condition of and AIDS patients. Activists are concerned that changes to the patent laws governing the production of generic versions of anti-aids drugs in India may have adversely affected the treatment that is available in the country. The project has already yielded some startling interviews with HIV patients whose stories might otherwise go untold. This podcast features a conversation with Sandeep and Srinivas recorded via Skype from an internet cafe in Hyderabad.

A version of this interview will air on BBC Radio Five Live's Pods and Blogs segment 0200-0300bst Tuesday  or if you aren't a night owl you can listen on archive here (this interview will be archived Wednesday - link currently goes to last week's show)

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Iraqi Blogger Held

Just received an email from The Committee to Protect Bloggers with news of the arrest of Iraqi blogger, Khalid Jarrar. According to the CPB he's been detained without charge since the 10th July. The full text  of the email is overleaf - please read it..

Via email from the Committee to Protect Bloggers...
"According to a message we received from Olivebranch, Khalid Jarrar has been taken into custody by the Iraqi mokhabarat, or secret service.  

Khalid is a prominent Iraqi blogger, author of Secrets in Baghdad and is the brother of Raed from Raed in the Middle .


Khalid's house had been broken into while he was in Amman, Jordan and his hard-drive stolen.  He then went missing.  Earlier today he called friends and family from prison, where he has been held since the 10th. 

Khalid's friends and family are calling for his release or at least his arraignment.
We second the motion.  If Khalid is being charged with something, charge him, and do so in the light of day."

I've spoken with Khalid's mother Faiza in the past. I sincerely hope that this issue is resolved quickly, for her and Khalid's sake. Given the history of her country and it's present difficulties it's hard to underestimate how traumatic this must be for her.


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Parish Notices

ChurchFirstly Pocket Planet was on the David Lawrence show, (note to reader - if you follow the link the photo is actually an improvement)

Secondly we have been running, buried in the small print a "production notes blog" that annotates the little technical niggles we've encountered - you may find it useful.

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Comets Rock

CometsRock turned 50 this month. The Comets, formerly of Bill Haley and The Comets were in town to mark 50 years since their song "Rock Around the Clock" became the world's first Rock and Roll number one, and to finally, belatedly, be inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk. The anniversary coincided with the success of the Deep Impact mission; The Comets even played a gig at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory by way of a joint celebration. In the podcast we speak with 3 of the Comets and author Jim Dawson

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The JCB Song

The JCB Song by Leamington based band Nizlopi filled me with homesickness and nostalgia. It's a lovely tune, the same sentiments as Texas Eagle by Steve Earle, but as camp as cricket-jumpers. Shows you don't have to be a tough Texan to sing about farm machinery and "daddy". The video animation is simple, beautiful and affecting. By the way this is what a JCB is

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