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DARPA Grand Challenge

Img_0529I'm at the DARPA Grand Challenge, the $2million desert race for self-navigating cars. I'll be pretty busy so blogging will be light. Updates from DARPA here They've just announced the course - it's131.6 miles, entirely within Nevada and the mojave desert; a couple of tunnel have been included with the intention of depriving teams of GPS data. Having had a look at the teams I'd say we're much more likely to get a result - last year you may recall the furthest distance travelled was 7.4miles. The picture is of team members putting the finishing touches to JackBot last night

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I'm blogging the Grand Challenge as it happens based on DARPA reports -- they come in every minute with team positions and such. At www.kantor.com.

Posted by: Andrew | Oct 8, 2005 6:33:17 PM

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