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Search Engines that Listen to Podcasts

A good round up on Wired of the new generation of audio search engines that listen to content instead of relying on accompanying keywords. On the basis of a quick bit of vanity searching,  Podscope, has a great interface but it's "hit rate" on recognizing my British English wasn't great. Podzinger scored better on the hit rate and the mini-transcripts that attended search results are a really nice feature. However the transcription struggles with background noise vis the start of my Bull Run Rally Podcast which is transcribed as.

" You're listening to pocket planet radiant On The web at pocket planet radio dot com And It's something yeah Chinese Yeah Alexander roy became politicized Six times wrote a better place to tumble on winter's ..."

Blinkx fared much better on the hit rate through seemed to be relying on keywords. (perhaps I'm not using it correctly - please advise)

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