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Political Podcasts

The Sun newspaper has included Tony Blair in a podcast - the first British Prime Minister to appear in one. This follows the Conservative leader David Cameron's podcast (download here) with the Telegraph (as pointed out by Guido Fawkes who also notes that Charles Kennedy then leader of the Liberal Democrats produced a podcast)

On stylistic grounds, I thought the model political mp3's were the early podcasts by Sen John Edwards While not breaking any major news, the casts had a pleasant indie feel. This may, indeed probably was, all carefully stage managed of course - but it left the listener with a fun illusion of being a "fly-on-the-wall" in the Edwards household.

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I suppose in the broad sense of the word these are "political" podcasts, they certainly conform to the dull party broadcast format, organised and chaperoned by well financed spin machines, and with no substantial issues addressed. Albeit with a with few nods towards indie-dom. :)

Personally I'd like to see politics and debate in podcasting coming from those outside the established media fences. We need to remove the damn barriers these people erect to keep us at arms length.

We also need to raise the level of public debate and encourage people to listen to, and create their own channels of political discourse through new media.

Just a few thoughts..

Posted by: John B (Dissident Vox) | Mar 31, 2006 3:56:46 PM

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