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Mr Behi Episode II Podcast from Tehran

For my money this is what podcasting is all about. Tehran based blogger Mr Behi has put up the second edition of his podcast and it's a wonderful mixture of music, culture and hard news. I love the relaxed pace of his delivery, and the reflective tone that he strikes. All those who think podcasting is no more than cranks and shock-jock wannabees should listen to this.

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Slamidol Slamdunk

Simon Toon of the excellent Slam Idol podcast came to visit me at work, and recorded a soundseeing tour. He even persuaded me to read a poem..and now I feel rather like the victims of the producers of a "girls gone wild" video...surely this will come back to haunt me when I'm president.

It was a very useful chat I had with Simon. His cast is a collaborative production with so many different poets recording pieces for him, you might almost call it "distributed podcasting" A very powerful idea.

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