Bull Run Rally Report

BullrunplateIn this Pocket Planet's intrepid reporter and very own Penelope Pitstop, Jamillah Knowles reports from the Bull Run Rally. For the uninitiated Bull Run is a live-action version of the Wacky Races where dastardly A-list motors are driven by a bunch of B-list celeb mutleys. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Dennis Rodman (formerly LA Lakers), Ryan Dunn (currently Jackass), James Hewitt (ditto), Lee Sharpe (formerly Man U), Richard Blackwood (man on the telly) and the one, the only, Alex "I like pretty girls and rock music" Roy, Jamillah somehow survived relatively unscathed, though the car valet bill on the Bentley apparently rivals the national debt of Monaco. Anyway a good time was had by all, and if I sound bitter it's only because my other car is a bus.

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