U3 and Skype

SoftwarelogosmA while back I spoke to Murdo of the excellent East Oakland Community College podcast using skype that he was running on a USB keychain memory. There is an industry standard USB system that allows programmes to run native on USB memory and it's called U3. I've been looking into this for various reasons and a quick glance over the U3 site shows that there are versions of Pamela(planned) and Skype that are U3 compliant. A very handy trick for the roving podcaster - load the U3 version of skype onto a USB memory, stick the memory into a machine at an internet cafe, a friend's house, at work and save yourself the bother of lugging a laptop around to record your podcasts.

One of the companies that produce U3 USB memory in Europe, Disgo, also makes a keychain USB mp3 player but an email to the company informed me that their mp3 players don't have U3. A shame because then one could record a Skype conversation in Pamela and listen to it away from the computer.

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