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Microphones Minidisks and all that Jazz

The first step in any podcast has to be recording the interviews. I use a Sekaku BS-20 microphone - don't go looking for it on the net - you won't find it. The point is that it's a cheap, really cheap, rubbishy microphone that pics up my hand, the mic flex (back-rattle as we call it in the biz) and turns the slightest breeze into a hurricane - but you know what - it's just about OK. So having demonstrated that you can use just about any old rubbishy omni-directional mic  I should say that I've ordered an Electrovoice 635A - a popular choice for radio reporters. The network radio stations I've worked for in the UK use Beyer mics for news radio - but they are very expensive.

Obviously you can record your audio straight into your laptop or PC - but if you want to get out and about this isn't practical - you need a portable machine. I use a Sony minidisk - I like minidisks because they are small, relatively cheap, and if you are a working radio hack, it's usually a lot easier to get a studio to play out a track on a minidisk than it is an mp3. However, many people use mp3 recorders/players with great success - though you need to check the one you get can record audio and has a mic-in socket. The high end ones with removable smartdisk memories look really great though they cost a small fortune.

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