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Recording Skype

I've been recording   for sometime now. Skype to Skype calls over broadband offer much better than telephone audio quality so there's a clear incentive to want to do this SkypeOut/In calls are cheap too. There are software solutions for both PC and Mac for recording skype. But these are complex and in my experience pretty buggy; I did try hotrecorder but it had a nasty habbit of recording interviewer and interviewee out of sync so that questions overlapped answers.

I record Skype calls onto a minidisk. What follows is a simple guide to how I do this. Firstly you will need a mixer - if you don't have one of these you will only be able to record one half of the conversation. I use a  Eurorack 10002 see image (click to enlarge recommended).

MixerbigInto the big sockets (called XLR's) I plug the  mic and also the sound out from the pc (I use a mini-jack to XLR cable). I plug the minidisk into the tape in and out sockets (using two phono to minijack cables). Now you could just plug the main out from the mixer into the mic-in of the PC - BUT then you would be playing yourself plus a mix of the skype call you are listening to back to the guest and they would hear themselves back. So instead I plugged the fx send out into the PC. As long as only the mic fx send is turned up then all the person Skyping in should hear is you. But both of you will be sent to the tape-in so you won't get a one sided recording.

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