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Skype vs Gizmo

Avatar_gizmo_1There's a lot of buzz on the net that Gizmo is better than Skype. The built-in recording function is certainly handy though I think you are always better off using a mixer and separate hardware recorder. I'll wait to hear how well that works after my own bad experiences with software recording solutions. The conference calling system looks rather more cumbersome than Skype's (seems to be numbers based) but on the other hand it does look as though you can add in callers "on the fly" this is a major flaw in the design of Skype's system if you are looking to record a show with guests joining and leaving via VOIP

Most interesting is some early feedback that calls are of a higher quality. I suspect at this early stage the demands on the system may be low  - if it really takes off will the call quality suffer?  

Personally I'd be very keen to speak with other Gizmo and Skype users and find out what their experiences of it are - even perhaps do a Skype vs Gizmo test and put it up as a podcast. My Skype ID is amazingly "pocketplanetradio"

Mostly Positive Reviews: Here, here, here and here A nice indepth article on Yahoo

From the above reviews it's clear that people LOVE the record function but that Gizmo can be a bit buggy. The Digital Radio guys had some problems recording Gizmo calls on a Mac:

Mac users might be out of luck on this tip. A Mac to PC chat with Gizmo recorded perfectly on the Windows client, but the Mac recording was unusable. The Gizmo team is aware and hopes to update the client soon.

For people simply wanting to use Gizmo as a VOIP phone theappleblog has put together an intelligent wish-list. As the note the focus on telephone style numbers in the system is going to be a big turn-off for many I suspect

Bottom line: Nice features, possibly better call quality than Skype - but also some bugs. And if the interview's vital for your podcast I wouldn't entrust it to any VOIP integrated recorder or software solution. Spend $70 and buy a mixer instead.

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