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A Broadcasters Wish List for Skype

In my day job I've been using Skype for recording interviews and doing live radio 2-ways. It's very, very useful but there are several features I'd add to an ideal Skype for Broadcasters

  1. The ability to adjust the relative volumes of conference call participants during a call. How many times have you set up a conference call where one member of the group was VERY LOUD and the other was very quiet?
  2. The ability to add conference call participants on the fly with silent rings. Why can't I bring a second participant into a conversation after its started
  3. A web interface on Skype.com for recording and sending voice messages. I know it's a distributed computing model but not everyone is able to download the software.
  4. Manual volume levels option on the main call screen not just in options.
  5. AND time marked recordings made on PC's at both sides of the conversation which Skype automatically recombines after the conversation has finished for sure fire glitch free interviews.

I'm sure there are others.. perhaps a "happy to be interviewed" tag for people living in interesting parts or the world on the Skype directory. And an option to give me a baritone voice, cut out all the umms, ahhs and deliver a mild electric shock everytime I introduce a sentence with "Well", say "you know" or "sort of".

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