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Firewire Mixers

I have a G4 mac - it's great for audio, but to be honest not much else - the DVD drive, for example, has NEVER managed to burn a DVD, and for some reason it was built with mini-mini-jack mic-in (what were Apple thinking). I'm debating which mixer to connect to it for use as an audio workstation. The Phonic firewire mixer looks good, overcoming the main problem with the USB version - the low bit rate of recordings. - Reports of problems with the drivers on Alesis mixers are a major turn-off, and Mackie are sadly out of my price range. I'm also far from convinced that USB is a big enough pipe for high-quality audio recording. The Phonic has the added advantage of shipping with Cubase LE..which while not a great audio editing programme for speech will at last provide a sequencer for Reason. I've tried using a cheapo Cakewalk sequencer on the laptop but the latency is terminal.

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