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Some more thoughts on recording

Haven't posted here in a while. So just a few thoughts about sound recording that have come-up. Currently working on a project where quality of sound is at a premium (wherever the guest may be) so have become rather more adept at "simulreccing" - the basic technique is this.

  • You and the guest speak over the phone
  • You also record your questions using a mic and digital recorder at your end
  • The guest records their answers at their end
  • The guest emails you the recording of their answers
  • The two halves are mixed together in something like Audacity
  • The result should sound like you are in the studio with the guest.

Simulreccing scores high on sound quality - but it's slow and it does require the guest to have sound recording equipment. Having done it a few times I'd recommend asking the guest to make a test recording before you start. Laptop microphones, headsets etc can sound better than a phone but they need careful handling, and even professional microphones if connected to a computer can cause problems with hiss etc. Just a short test recording emailed to you will help you spot potential problems.

Lastly if the guest has a mobile phone and a portable recorder it's worth thinking about where you record.  Richer sounds may come from recording in a location with plenty of atmosphere - even just opening a window on a street facing side of the house can add evocative atmosphere.

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