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Gizmo vs Skype

Avatar_gizmoOver at our production notes section we have a discussion and round-up of the merits of Skype vs the new voice over internet phone system Gizmo. As you know Skype is great for podcasters allowing high quality voice conversations with far flung places like (as in these posts) London,India and Iran . has some nice reatures, in particular one-touch recording will appeal to many podcasters.

There are some suggestions that call quality is better. I've not tested it enough to know - and with few users at the moment I think it's too early to tell - but if you've installed it and want to help out with a few test calls we can throw up as a podcast get in touch. For more read the full post..

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I would have to agree that the voice quality of skype is not as good or as clear as gizmo. Nevertheless, skype has an incredibly insane number of users on there network, while gizmo is not as known and they have much less traffic, hence a better voice quality.

I use both, because I have to; family want skype, friends say gizmo.

Posted by: Breckenridge | Dec 19, 2007 8:26:41 AM

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