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Leaving the best bits in...

BBC Radio Five Live's Richard Evans (a thoroughly nice chap btw) and BBC Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell  seem to have had a bit of a tiff according to the Guardian. Here's a sampler...

Evans, who presents Radio 5's weekend news, told Witchell: "If I'm going to ask you questions and you're just going to say I'm not prepared to answer that we're not going to get very far, are we? I just want to get this over with."

During the in-studio spat the tapes were rolling as producers (ugh been there, done that) tried to calm the situation. Nothing surprising there, but some wise-ass cut an mp3 (via The Guardian) and the row is now all over the Internet. Top marks go to the press office this time though for their perceptive comment -  "It sounds like the sort of story which tends to surface in August, doesn't it?" Indeed.

That's probably about as much as I can say..except to observe the mp3 is almost certainly a lot more entertaining than the finished 2-way, thereby reinforcing something that podcasters seem to have known for a long time; that the best radio is made by leaving the so-called out-takes in. (cf. the wonderfully crafted stumble, mumble fest as I introduce the Catholic Insider on the last pods and blogs cast)

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