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Pods and Blogs - BBC Radio Five Live

Monday's segment was a bit hectic; what we'd planned was blown out the window by the awful arrival of hurricane Katrina. Today's pictures from the states affected are truly moving. Helping us cover events we had some excellent contributions from The Oil Drum, The Watt, and Weather Underground to name but a few.

UPDATE I: The audio archive on the Radio Five Live site still points (bizarrely) to half of last week's show I'm afraid. I've emailed them to see if we can get this fixed.  

UPDATE II : I've cut an mp3 of some of the items covering the hurricane and the new Iraqi constitution.  I mixed this mp3 "as live" using 2 free pieces of software Cool Play and Audacity our production notes section has more on this.

UPDATED, UPDATE III: The archive is now fixed! Click here to listen to the entire broadcast including all the items not included in the mp3.


Here's a quick run down of the segment:

We kicked off with some excellent phone posts of people who chose to stay behind in New Orleans. And we played a recorded an interview with blogger Michele Dupre as she reflected on what had been a very dramatic night and early morning.

Next Dr Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground site. In a previous job he's even flown into hurricane's. He told us just what it was like to experience 100mph+ winds. Apparently at his university they invite student to try out high wind speeds in a wind tunnel...most can't make it past 70mph.

Of course one of the big knock-on effects of the hurricane will be on oil prices. Today's NYTimes has an incredible photo of an oil rig entangled with a bridge (sadly I can't find it on the on-line edition). Discussing the issues we were joined by Heading Out of the truly amazing site The Oil Drum joined us (why pay for a subscription to an industry magazine when you can read stuff like that for free) as did Ben of the excellent energy blog/podcast The Watt

We overran the half-ways because those guys were so good. After the news and sport it was back to Iraq. Asso Aslem of the site/blog/radio-station www.niqash.org joined us with an informative run-down of the situation with the new constitution. We spoke via a very good voice over internet connection to his base in Northern Iraq.

And then back to the hurricane. In spite of our best efforts seminarian/podcast/blogger Chris Decker's internet and phone connection in Baton Rouge died at the vital moment. But we played a clip of his podcast.

Then on to the blogging man of the hour Mark Kraft aka Insomnia. He's really done sterling work dealing with the hurricane and compiling posts from all those blogging from New Orleans.

And last but by no means least, we wondered if the bad weather and high oil prices weren't a reminder that we all ought to be a bit more concerned about the environment, and maybe, just maybe, cut back on our penchant for gas guzzling "after-the-passion-wagons" and SUV's in the company of the superb podcasting tag-team of More Hip than Hippie.

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