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Welcome to Sunny Prestatyn..

Magazine_logo_1This is an mp3 I've been meaning to post for some time; an interview with the creators of "Found" magazine about their latest project "Dirty Found". Found Magazine uses an army of volunteer urchins to find bits of writing, drawings and photographs discarded by ordinary folk - their publications are collections of the best stuff they get sent in. Their new venture "Dirty Found" is a compilation of all the "Explicit" tagged material that's come in over the years. It is simultaneously fascinating, and disturbing. Although the editors literally mask the identities of all those whose "discarded material" appears, it's hard to avoid the feeling of voyeurism and I'm still just not sure what I make of their enterprise. Have a listen and make up your own mind. This mp3 isn't going to be on the regular podcast feed which I'm trying to keep thoroughly G-rated - although there's nothing here to frighten the horses.

The title of this post is a reference to the wonderful Larkin poem of the same name..have a read you'll see why..


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