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Lessons from Louisiana PartII

Thanks to A.Mole of The Underground who notes that no less an organ than The Times is also concerned about the state of London's flood defenses.

Given that 1.25 million people live and work in the Thames flood plain, the casualties could be immense. The Tube, trains and roads becoming jammed with evacuees is almost un- imaginable. The financial costs of a big London flood would be staggering, with an estimated value of property within the 48 sq mile flood risk area assessed at £125 billion. Add on another £50 billion or so for the knock-on effects of disrupted business and the total bill would far exceed the damage of Katrina, which is why we need to heed the lessons of the disaster unfolding around the Gulf of Mexico.

Let me add it's not that I think disaster is around the corner..but there are two countervailing forces..the need to build on the floodplain so that folk like me who can't afford a £400,000 semi in Islington have somewhere to live ..and the increasing threat from our rising seas. It's a problem we have to take seriously, and if there is one lesson from this disaster it is that you can't be over-prepared.

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