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Time-travel blogging

Fedora_1The 1947 Project is a wonderful time-travel blog that documents day-by-day LA crime as it happened in 1947. I was lucky to take a tour round downtown with the blog's creators Kim and Nathan. A tour that took us past the demolition and evisceration of more than one period building. This wonderful old photo (more here) gives you a sense of what's been lost in downtown LA. Nathan left the interview with a brick in his hand, a memento of another old haunt found reduced to rubble by real-estate myrmidons.

Update - Kim kindly sent me a link to her own podcast it's Bubble-tastic!

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When you look at LA old photos and compare them with now, it's plain to see it's two different cities

Posted by: M Martin | Mar 9, 2008 3:48:25 PM

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