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Eyewitness Account of the Delhi Attacks

Explosions in Delhi have killed at least 50 people. One of the Indiatimes blogs is regularly posting updates on the situation and background on terror in India.

Meanwhile in the comments section of this post on Indiadaily comes this eyewitness account:

My wife and I witnessed the bombing in Paharganj. The explosion happened on a very busy intersection on Main Bazaar St. The streets were soaked in blood and several body parts could be seen. The police and emergency rescue teams seemed to be on site immediately. It was a bad scene. We were only 50 meters away and had just walked through the same intersection 30 seconds prior.

That's from two American holiday-makers John and Clara from Baltimore. John and Clara must have been looking forward to seeing the celebration of Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. I've only ever experienced Diwali in England as it is celebrated by the Anglo-Indian community; there it runs close to November 5Th, aka Guy Fawkes night, a celebration of a foiled act of "terrorism". It reminds us that fanaticism nearly always ends in failure and the ridicule of future generations.

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