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BBC Discussion on the Future of Radio

RadioI was on BBC Radio Five Live this morning (listen to me blather here)  talking about the future of radio with Ian Dickens, chief executive of the Digital Radio Development Bureau and Phil Elliot Five Live's resident gadget guru. The discussion was sparked by new RAJAR figure's showing 4million people in the UK now listen to DAB digital radio (it's free unlike Sirius, but not satellite). My role was to suggest how I thought podcasting was likely to change radio. As I say in the show the major difficulty I see with podcasts at the moment is sequencing: Odeo's custom channels are almost there but not quite - they're input rather than output driven. Good scheduling software needs to have a blank template into which it fits podcasts matched to your preferences to create a properly sequenced show. So an hour might include a news podcast at the top (or converted real audio feed), local traffic and weather podcasts, a podcast related to the main news of the day (as determined by Google news perhaps) and then other shows to match your previously entered listening preferences (with perhaps one show randomly determined to keep it surprising). Interestingly when I spoke to Hugh Hewitt some time ago about his new(ish) book Blog he said much the same thing (mp3 here)

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