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History of Pinball Podcast

PinballJust behind the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City lives PJ's Pinball Museum. It's a heavenly place if you like your gaming to be a bit more physical than a Nintendo. Computer games are ultimately the product of dusty logic, whereas the parabola of the silver ball  in pinball seems beautifully and irreducibly Newtonian; and the sounds of the buffers and the flippers are like the clanking progress of a train. PJ doesn't have every machine ever made..but he does have the game played by the Fonz in Happy Days, and a machine designed for the drummer of Sheffield's finest Def Leppard who only has one arm. Because of music rights issues this podcast doesn't start with The Who though if I could choose any piece of music to intro a podcast on pinball it would have to be The Pinball Song from Sesame Street

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