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Grease over easy: an interview with Russell Davies

I think the world divides into two types: those who like their eggs sunny side up, and those who prefer them over easy. As a member of the "over easy" camp, my breakfasts are long and lounge like. Loafing, lingering, lizarding and loitering, indeed, all the good l words, are stacked up like toast over the course of a good hour. I am, as you may have guessed, very much a B-type, an idler and a ne'er-do-well. My friends who like their eggs sunny side up, in contrast, rise with the day. They burst with nearly as much energy as the great ball of fusing hydrogen that has just bounced over the horizon. They are orange juice and sweet-and-low to my ham and hash-browns.

So it was good therefore, on a morning when an alcohol induced migraine lurked round the corner like a mugger with an ice-axe, that the first task of the day was to do an interview all about Eggs Bacon Chips and Beans (link here). Russell Davies - my interlocutor - is an expert blogger and a man who clearly takes pause over his morning repast. He's great company too. I've since listened to more bits of his blook/blog; it's great stuff, the essay on sausages was seminal and important, and worked on at least 3 levels - perhaps 4.  I encourage, all you breakfast lovers to throw away the can of chocolate slimfast and visit his site. It's almost as good as the real thing.

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