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Podcast: Philosopher John Stewart Mill's 200th

BenthamIn this podcast I become for 30 minutes a genuine pub philosopher, as philosopher and blogger Jonathan Derbyshire and myself discuss the life and times of the British philosophers John Stewart Mill who celebrates his 200th anniversary this year. Our venue appropriately enough was the Jeremy Bentham pub in London just across the road from UCL. I believe it's the only pub in the city named after a philosopher and it's an appropriate venue as Bentham was in many ways the godfather to Mill's own theories. Although he lived 200 years ago, Mill's theories still have great currency in modern political debates. In our conversation we covered everything from The World Cup, to the Danish Cartoon Controversy and, of course, nude rambling.

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I knew torturing Kirwan and Snowden on utilitarianism would have its uses, so well done in building this in!

Nice web page by the way.

Posted by: Salim Damji | Nov 20, 2006 7:07:00 PM

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