Podcast: At The Media Forum

I'm at the Podcast Day of The Media Forum conference Cologne and pleased to be meeting with podcasters Nicole Simon, Thomas Wanhoff, CC Chapman and Ewan Spence. I'm wearing my "radio" hat and it will be interesting to see how German broadcasters view the revolution that is sweeping over us. But I'm even more keen to find out about the German podcasting scene.

UPDATE: I've cut together some interviews with podcasters recorded at the forum. Shorter versions will run on "pods and blogs"  The music was written in Cologne airport, where the fire in Turkey necessitated a long delay..

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Mr Behi Episode II Podcast from Tehran

For my money this is what podcasting is all about. Tehran based blogger Mr Behi has put up the second edition of his podcast and it's a wonderful mixture of music, culture and hard news. I love the relaxed pace of his delivery, and the reflective tone that he strikes. All those who think podcasting is no more than cranks and shock-jock wannabees should listen to this.

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Political Podcasts

The Sun newspaper has included Tony Blair in a podcast - the first British Prime Minister to appear in one. This follows the Conservative leader David Cameron's podcast (download here) with the Telegraph (as pointed out by Guido Fawkes who also notes that Charles Kennedy then leader of the Liberal Democrats produced a podcast)

On stylistic grounds, I thought the model political mp3's were the early podcasts by Sen John Edwards While not breaking any major news, the casts had a pleasant indie feel. This may, indeed probably was, all carefully stage managed of course - but it left the listener with a fun illusion of being a "fly-on-the-wall" in the Edwards household.

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Economics Podcast

I've been researching the tsunami for the pods and blogs segment on Five Live and in the process stumbled across the Radio Economics podcast. There's certainly a touch of the "dismal science" about the style, very dry and quite formal - but it's a first rate listen if you like more thoughtful, analytical content. The topics are inspired, and there are some excellent guests: who wouldn't be interested in subjects like "The Economics of the World Series", or "Should Selfish Businessmen be Shot?"

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UK Broadsheet Podcast war heats up

I've noticed that a former Five Live anchor/presenter is now to be The Telegraph's podcast editor
It's good they've got someone who knows radio to oversee the cast. The challenge he faces along with all newspaper podcasters is to turn print into exciting speech broadcasting. With a large network of correspondents and freelancers you'd think it would be easy, but I imagine there must be big cultural battles to be fought first

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Word of the Year..

It's the word of the year

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Music Licensing for Podcasts

The Association of Independent Music in the UK has agreed a music license for podcasting reports IT World:

The six month license lets signatories legally podcast a variety of U.K. independent repertoire. It meets a gnawing market need -- few podcasts are able to legally use released tracks.

It's an intelligent step. I'm still not clear on what the legal position is for the use of music in podcasts. I've heard conflicting reports (possibly because of my odd trans-jurisdictional status) ranging from the use of any non-podsafe music is liable to incur royalty fees on a per download basis, to the normal 30second bumps etc you'd use on the radio, are exempt. As you know I play it safe by only using music I've written myself (though this has obvious drawbacks as my listeners will attest)

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Pods and Blogs Interview with Ricky Gervais

For the "pods and blogs" segment on BBC Radio Five Live I've recorded an interview with star of The Office and Extras, Ricky Gervais about his soon to be podcast (debuts Monday here). Tune in to Pods and Blogs  live if you can -  9PM Eastern on Monday if you are in the US. If not you can always listen to the archive here (should be updated by the end of Tuesday). Just to give you a taste of the kind of wonderful nonsense the comedian aka David Brent comes out with check-out this riff on Karl Pilkington as human guinea-pig.  Oddly in the Typepad spell-check Pilkington comes up plankton.

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On The World Podcast

BloggedsmMy interview with British Blogger Tim Worstall about his new book 2005:Blogged is in The World's latest podcast. Clark Boyd who does the podcast for the WGBH/BBC co-presentation does a lovely job with the show - slicing up the best of their coverage and adding in some original items. Incidentally I plan to run the interview here on Pocket Planet as part of our completely haphazard books of the year podcast. (It's the podcast that will be haphazard not the books)

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Search Engines that Listen to Podcasts

A good round up on Wired of the new generation of audio search engines that listen to content instead of relying on accompanying keywords. On the basis of a quick bit of vanity searching,  Podscope, has a great interface but it's "hit rate" on recognizing my British English wasn't great. Podzinger scored better on the hit rate and the mini-transcripts that attended search results are a really nice feature. However the transcription struggles with background noise vis the start of my Bull Run Rally Podcast which is transcribed as.

" You're listening to pocket planet radiant On The web at pocket planet radio dot com And It's something yeah Chinese Yeah Alexander roy became politicized Six times wrote a better place to tumble on winter's ..."

Blinkx fared much better on the hit rate through seemed to be relying on keywords. (perhaps I'm not using it correctly - please advise)

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