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What Is A Podcast

WHAT'S A PODCAST? A podcast is  a short radio show (in mp3 format) that you can download from the internet and  listen to on your computer or portable mp3 player

SO WHAT'S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT THEN? Well with a podcast you can get a computer programme to regularly check all your favourite podcaster's websites and automatically load them onto your computer when a new one is created - so that you don't have to go rummaging around the net looking for your favourite shows.

Ooooh FANCY SO HOW DO I BECOME A PODCASTER ? Well first you create a website, then you record some radio shows and put them up on that site in mp3 form, then you create what's confusingly called an rss feed (it's really a very simple bit of text that you post up on your website) that is read by the podcasting programmes on people's computers and tells them when you've created a new podcast

UPDATE: Listen to a radio programme about what a podcast is here

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